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Muz-TV - Russia

Published by: westreamtv | Date: 10/31/2013

Muz-TV (Муз-ТВ, from Музыкальное телевидение - Music Television) is a Russian music TV channel, broadcasting since 1996. It is largely modelled after western MTV and predates launching of MTV Russia in 1998. Muz TV was founded by Sergey Lisovskiy. Today Muz-TV is owned by UTH Russia.

Muz-TV's format is Russian pop music videos, although international pop, hip-hop and contemporary R&B can be occasionally seen as well. There are charts for both local and international acts, voted via channel's website.

Much like MTV, in late 2000's Muz-TV became more an entertainment channel broadcasting reality shows, rather than a music channel. After the re-branding of 16 September 2012 "Muz-TV" has moved to a new frequency, changing the concept back to the "musical" On its old frequency, a new youth entertainment channel "U", which consists of programs previously aired on the Muz-TV (except musical programs), as well as new programs and series, both purchased and own production.

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