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  • Date: 04/02/2014
    Views: 5
    The role of a male child in Igbo land is such an undeniable fact that he is preferred over a thousand females. Here comes Nkasiobi (Ini Edo) a female that represents more than a million males. Nollywood movies starring: Ini Edo, Walter Anga, Francis Du...
  • Date: 04/02/2014
    Views: 7
    Two rival clubs on campus pinging girls and white angels are at war with each other. The battle is about who stays on top of the game. oppression is the order of the day. It is all about power play,money, connection and battle for supremacy. There is ...
  • Date: 04/02/2014
    Views: 24
    Taste of sorrow is sequel to Tears of a Queen. Prince Odimegwu (Chinwetalu Agu) discovers he has a stepbrother who is the rightful heir to the throne. In a desperate attempt to sit on the throne, he does the unthinkable; Feeling victorious he forgot th...
  • Date: 04/02/2014
    Views: 4
    Chiugo (Ken Erics) a high flying arrogant king is every womans fantasy at school; He is caught in the middle of three women, Monica (Funke Akindele) an Illiterate, Helen (Crystal Okoye) a seductress and Rose (Eve Esin) a princess, he must make a choice...
  • Date: 04/02/2014
    Views: 1
    Drama Queen is sequel to Street Angels; Here we see the royal family under a tremendous attack by power brokers. The power tussle is obvious and everyone plays to outwit each other in their scheme.The unprecedented scandals surrounding the royal family...